a vulgar, coarse, boorish or socially inferior person. This term was, and still is, applied by public schoolboys (rarely by girls) to local children or those attending state schools. It is also sometimes used self-effacingly or ironically by working-class males to refer to themselves. The word's origin is obscure (one suggestion is that it was an imitation of the sound of unsophisticated speech), but seems to lie in the 19th century; it is almost certainly cognate with the 20th-century
Australian term ocker, also denoting a working-class male. Evelyn Waugh used the word, in his diary entry of 7 January 1920, when referring to his host as a 'wizened, pleasant little oik'.
► Trn constantly amazed that a couple of oiks like me and Gray have managed to make it.' (Recorded, advertising executive, Lon-don, 1986)
a person with 'one income and kids'.
An acronym in yuppie use in the late 1980s. Similar coinages are dinky and oink.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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